Exhibitors manufacturing a great trade show presence again in Stuttgart

Messe Stuttgart reports its trade fair grounds completely booked out with Blechexpo, Schweisstec and In.Stand, with over a thousand exhibitors attending the three shows that ran parallel at the end of October 2021.

After successfully reopening for trade fair business in September, the show successes represent another step back to normality. “That our business operations have returned to full capacity after a year and a half of lockdown is a milestone that we have long been waiting for. The joy and relief is palpable, not only among the organisers but the exhibitors and visitors too,” says Stefan Lohnert, president of Messe Stuttgart.

“Trade fairs are particularly important for many companies, especially those in the technology sector, as they are used to communicate the latest innovative ideas and developments,” Lohnert adds.

One exhibitor, machine manufacturing company Trumpf, says there is a stronger focus on digitalisation and networking, a ‘Smart Factory’ approach, with the aim of keeping unproductive process times in manufacturing to a minimum.

Welding expert Lorch showed how it is providing additional support for its employees in the form of the welding cobot (collaborative robot) that can be easily programmed by the welders on site. With Germany experiencing a shortage of around 100,000 trained welders trade shows are even more important than ever as showcases of such innovation. 

Other ground-breaking developments in manufacturing like the one above can really only be adequately explained and the potential solutions outlined in person. “In these highly innovative industries, personal encounters are essential. Trade fairs are highly anticipated events for everyone involved. We were also very lucky that Blechexpo and Schweisstec were able to take place as normal in 2019 and continue in their usual two-year cycle without any great upset,” explains Bettina Schall, managing director of P.E. Schall GmbH & Co.KG and organiser of both trade fairs. “The trade fair halls were full and the exhibitors appeared to be more than satisfied. There really is nothing that can replace attending a trade fair in person,” she concluded.