The tech of Tomorrow

UK-based BCD Meetings & Events’ global brand experience agency, The Collective, has released a report examining the future of event tech.

Titled Tomorrow’s Perspective on Event Tech, the report from The Collective has been released to coincide with the two-year anniversary of the agency. The report features insights from experts within The Collective, NORAM, and across the UK’s events industry.

The report additionally rounds up common industry-wide tech trends and suggestions for event organisers based on The Collective’s experience.


A brief look

The report outlines several recommendations that are goal-orientated, such as:

Providing an immersive experience

  • Augmented Reality (AR) – As opposed to a ‘traditional’ stand, use AR podiums that delegates can scan on their mobile devices to bring a product or brand story to life.
  • 3D surround sound - For maximum effect, the audio needs to be designed to fit the event’s specific layout. But clever use of it can transform the environment.
  • Scent your event – The Collective explains that, when filming content, they pair familiar sights with a scented spray of air from the stage that immerses the audience.

Increasing audience engagement

  • Interactive Avatars – Making content dynamic and interactable has a direct effect on an event’s visualisation for delegates. The report’s examples include a logo design that moves and shimmers on-screen based on data pulled from audience reactions, and an interactive art piece turned into an NFT gift for delegates post-show.
  • Focus – A trend found at shows such as IMEX, which has implemented its Be Well Lounge, The Collective suggests organisers include a quiet (perhaps soundproofed) room away from the show floor.
  • Gamification – Delegates generally have their mobiles to hand, and so can potentially be encouraged to engage with events through app-based icebreakers or networking games – especially if prizes are involved!
  • Personalisation – The Collective’s report suggests the use of QR tech to provide personalised experiences for delegates such as welcome messages, drink orders, and photo backdrops.


Tomorrow’s world

Finally, the report predicts the future of event tech. A particular spotlight is shone on the continuation of the latest hot topic, AI, as organisers, marketers, and suppliers alike utilise new tech to create copy, improve personalisation, and automate processes. But, two other advancing trends are noted:

Sustainable start-ups

  • There’s an incoming tidal wave of tech startups with a hyperfocus on sustainable event solutions for planners.
  • More companies will rise that have a mission centred around improving sustainable practices.
  • The format of sustainability data as we currently know it will become outdated, and fluidity between initiatives will become more accessible.

Techy venues

  • Tech-orientated venues will come out on top, with traditional conference spaces falling by the wayside.
  • Venues will begin to focus on the experiential.
  • Large events will look for venues that have adapted to include creative, tech-driven immersive experiences.


The full report with all of its recommendations can be found at