Thailand sets its sights on digital with TCEB's 'LOG-IN Events' plan

The Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (TCEB) has announced an increased focus on online events, with its ‘Thailand LOG-IN events’ plan.

The LOG-IN events plan aims to boost industries which the Thai government is targeting for growth, including logistics and infrastructure. According to TCEB, its goal is to “step up the foundation development plan and enhance the nation’s competitiveness.”

Nichapa Yoswee, Senior Vice President-Business, Thailand Convention and Exhibition Bureau (pictured), said: “The operation of the exhibition master plan Thailand LOG-IN events serves the government’s national development plans at the macro level because it stimulates both government and private sectors to create new shows, grow existing shows, and expand shows to the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC).

“This plan offers benefits and supports, such as financial support for the feasibility study about the capacity to accommodate shows in the area or new exhibitor profiles, and PR activities.

“For this year’s plan, the organizers are already interested in expanding their profiles and bringing their shows to the EEC. There are five shows involving three industries under this plan: the logistics, maritime, and smart city.

“It is expected that the master plan, aiming to create new shows, grow existing shows, and extend show profiles to related industries, will result in up to 15 events at EEC by 2025.”

TCEB also discussed its future plans for 2021, with Yoswee adding: “For the strategic direction of 2021, The first strategy is to expand to EEC and targeted industries, push forward the target industries (future automotive, automation & robotics, medical hub, food processing, and defense & disaster management), and expand international trade exhibitions to other EEC areas.

“The second strategy is to strengthen government partnerships to continue to work integrally with the government sector in expanded areas and government agencies relevant to promote target industries.

“The third strategy is the Incubation programme which aims to prepare Thai exhibition stakeholders to be ready to work for international trade exhibitions in the future. The primary goal of this master plan is to host world-class aviation exhibitions like Thailand International Air Show in 2025.”