ROI is exhibitors’ main priority, new research reports

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Exhibitor ROI is the most important challenge facing event professionals as the in-person comeback continues, according to new research from ExpoPlatform.

ExpoPlatform, a hybrid event platform, reports that its Event Tech Returns to Live survey shows 66% of respondents rank ROI as a high priority, with a weighted score of 9.2/10.

A seamless experience across platforms came in second, with half of the respondents putting it in the top tier - receiving a weighted score of 8.5/10.

On the survey’s results Conor Riordan, ExpoPlatform’s content editor, said: “2022 has seen the events industry rush back to in-person events, with organisers applying new models and technologies to create more valuable experiences.

"Our survey found that exhibitor ROI is the most important challenge event professionals face in this comeback, highlighting the crucial role digital tools must play in delivering higher quality leads.”

"They want lead retrieval tech, on-demand content and a mobile app, and to deliver this seamlessly across platforms.”

ExpoPlatform provided EW with a breakdown of their weighted ratings:

  1. Good ROI for exhibitors - 9.18/10
  2. Seamless experience across platforms - 8.54/10
  3. Pre-pandemic audience levels - 8.26/10
  4. Lack of skilled resource - 7.72/10
  5. Integration between suppliers - 7.54/10
  6. Smooth exhibitor onboarding - 7.06/10

Survey results
Event Tech Returns to Live survey results

Returning to live

According to ExpoPlatform, the Event Tech Returns to Live survey was designed to highlight how the needs of event professionals have changed in 2022. Additionally, it investigates how new tools are supporting in-person events’ comeback.

Having contributed to the analysis of the survey, Carina Bauer, CEO of IMEX, said: “There are all manner of ways exhibitors measure ROI. Lead times and the sales pipeline for big events in particular can be very long in our industry – often several years for the big association events.”

“As an organiser, it’s our rebooking rate that tells the biggest story. Exhibitors are mindful, particularly when budgets are tight - they don’t tend to participate in shows that don’t offer a proven return on time and investment.”