Positive Impact fundraising for event climate framework ahead of Earth Day

Positive Impact Events, a group which advocates for sustainability in the events industry, is fundraising to create a carbon target and reduction framework.

Positive Impact says that the target is a requirement to ensure future generations can still attend events.

It will be developed alongside the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and will provide event professionals with goals and actions they can take to reduce their environmental footprint.

The fundraising activities will be centred around Earth Day, on 22 April. Positive Impact’s 1,400 ‘ambassadors’ will be reaching out on social media to spread the message.

The final framework could be trialed first in the UK as the sector prepares to host COP 26, before being rolled out across the world as a consistent way for event professionals to manage, measure and reduce the carbon impact of their events.

The initiative would put the event sector in line with other sectors which have science-based carbon targets, including sport, fashion and a growing majority of corporate brands.

Heidi Wilson, Positive Impact’s ambassador and community coordinator, commented: “We have seen a growing number of sustainability marketing initiatives across the event sector. This is fantastic as it shows the creativity of our sector, however we can’t ignore the need for science-based targets.

“Our future event attendees will choose the events they attend based on these criteria and the corporate clients that use events are already making public statements on their net zero commitments. The time to act so the event sector is part of the solution and not the problem is now.”