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New Tradeshow Insights Report on rescheduling trends

No one wants to cancel an event, but when public health authorities mandate it the one thing an organiser has control over is when to hold the next edition - says Mark Parsons of Milan-based data business Events Intelligence (EI), which has released a weekly update on rescheduling trends.

"Do companies write off their 2020 tradeshow edition, reschedule in a few months, or make the hard decision to change the phasing and hold their show in the autumn? All around the world organisers are having to make a difficult call as to when things might return back to norma," Parsons asks.

Events Intelligence compiled its new report from a process of monitoring decisions made by organisers around the world to understand how the industry is reacting. The idea, says Parsons, is to move beyond the hype of high-profile show cancellations to providing insight into the hard decision of how organisers are making the best of a challenging situation.

On the basis of 439 postponed events across 27 countries up to 4 March, the report identified that:

  • 43% had reconfirmed a new date in 2020 
  • 18% - confirmed that they had cancelled the 2020 edition
  • A significant proportion has still to announce whether they will cancel or reschedule in 2020 

It is conceivable that 30-40% of events impacted may not be held this year and therefore significantly impact on organisers. 

Of the tradeshows which rescheduled:

  • For those which had reconfirmed a new date the average delay to a show was 108 days (i.e. four months).
  • Asian events appear to be rescheduled more pessimistically than European events. 

 “The practical implications of rescheduling a show have a significant cost implication for both organiser and exhibitors, the data indicates that those markets which have been impacted by Covid-19 earlier are behaving more pessimistically at present when rescheduling their tradeshows,” says Parsons.


To access the full report in pdf format, click here.

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