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Legacy project World Engineering Day takes place 4 March

Engineers around the world will be celebrated on World Engineering Day, a legacy project of the World Engineers Convention (WEC) which took place in Melbourne in 2019.

Led by the World Federation of Engineering Organizations President Marlene Kanga and supported by over 40 nations, UNESCO approved the launch of World Engineering Day to fall on 4 March every year, starting in 2020.

World Engineering Day is an opportunity to celebrate engineering and encourage young people to consider engineering as a career in which science and mathematics can be applied to solve problems.

Proposed outcomes also include demonstrating high-achieving female engineers throughout the ages, addressing the gender imbalance, engaging with industry and government, and building awareness of the need for extra engineering capacity in developing countries.

Melbourne Convention Bureau CEO, Julia Swanson said, “This is a terrific legacy to emerge from the World Engineering Convention. Business events help industry deliver their goals; acting as levers to launch new initiatives and this is an example of how conferences serve as platforms for the implementation of impactful decisions.”

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