IAEE adds Organiser Contract Job Seeker Programme

The International Association of Exhibitions and Events®(IAEE) has expanded its benefits to include the IAEE Organiser Contract Job Seeker Programme, which connects organiser members with contract/temporary positions available using skills-based data. 

“We know that some of our organiser members have either retired, left the industry or are still furloughed, not knowing their next steps,” said IAEE president & CEO David DuBois. “Some are looking for contract or part-time work, and we suspect more will as our industry continues to open up. This member benefit creates a one-stop shop for both job seekers and employers to connect and meet each other's needs.”  

The new programme can be accessed via logging on to the IAEE Member Dashboard and completing a skills inventory assessment survey that is then made available to potential employers searching for contract/temporary candidates matching various areas of expertise. Employers interested in filling a contract/temporary position and learning about receiving customised potential candidate reports from IAEE can find more information here. Full-time job seekers and/or employers can still post resumes and open positions in the IAEE Career Center.