How marketing communication needs to change to reopen an exhibition

To kick off the ETT Marketing Months the Exhibition Think Tank (ETT) Club held a first ‘Sprint’ last week which discussed how marketing strategies need to adapt to reopen exhibitions. 

For the second session, 6 October, groups will present short presentations based on the discussions and the topic. They will be following the following criteria :

  1. Which strategies have you used to keep your audience engaged virtually?
  2. How has your messaging changed from pre-covid communications?
  3. Have you run a 365-day campaign? Which channels did you use? How successful has it been?
  4. What have you learnt about your data? Has your audience changed/grown?
  5. Have you implemented any new channels in your marketing plan post-covid? How successful have they been?
  6. How have hybrid events impacted your marketing plan and strategy?
  7. How have the needs of your audience changed?

This session will also provide a good opportunity to network with professionals in the industry; learn from peers on how they have adapted their marketing strategies , and collaborate through a discussion on how we can face new challenges brought on by Covid.

The session is on 6 October at 14:00 (UK time)  and is free to attend. Register here 

The ETT Club is also facilitating two further Panel Discussions: What Can The Exhibition World Learn From India? on the 12 October and Hybrid Events, Opportunities and Challenges of Year-Round Engagement on the 14 October.