ExpoFP and IndoorAtlas get together for new positioning on the floor

Interactive floor plan provider ExpoFP and indoor positioning platform IndoorAtlas have announced a joint development: interactive floor plans with accurate indoor positioning and wayfinding. The technology, they say, allows expo attendees to easily locate their current position and find exhibitor booths, even in offline mode. The product can be integrated into mobile apps used by organisers on iOS and Android.

Interactive floor plans can locate exhibitors, navigate with wayfinding and enabling the reservation of stands online, while interactive maps can help visitors navigate exhibition spaces.

The partners claim exhibitors also have the opportunity to generate additional revenue by selling listings, logos in booths and logos in the header of the floor plan. The key feature of the technology is blue-dot wayfinding. It pinpoints visitors’ current locations and maps routes to their desired destinations within the expo. 

Software Development Kit integration of Indoor Atlas’s technology ensures precise location tracking inside buildings using the magnetic field and built-in inertial sensors in smartphones.

“Our interactive floor plans, empowered by blue-dot wayfinding, provide a seamless navigation experience that saves time and enhances visitors’ satisfaction,” says Ross Sudentas, CEO of ExpoFP. “With accurate indoor positioning even in offline mode, attendees can effortlessly find their way. We are thrilled to partner with IndoorAtlas to bring this game-changing solution to our clients, setting a new standard for indoor wayfinding services in the industry.” 

“The demand for indoor location-aware services has significantly grown,” adds Erik Piehl, CEO of Indoor Atlas. “Trade show organisers strive to enhance customer experience. Our aim is to provide innovative location-aware applications and services for global trade shows and to drive the digital transformation of the exhibition industry.”