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Exhibition industry urged to plough EU’s €200m funding furrow for agri-food promotion


The EU policy on information and promotion for agricultural products is intended to help open up new markets and it has made €200m of funding available for the purpose.

Under the slogan, ‘Enjoy, it’s from Europe’, the policy is designed to help agricultural organisations promote EU agri-food products into international markets.

Beneficiaries can receive up to 80% EU funding for their promotion campaigns in the internal market or in third countries.

Programmes can cover a wide range of issues, from general campaigns on healthy eating to specific market sectors.

Of the funding total, €89m will be allocated to campaigns in high growth countries such as Canada, China, Colombia, Japan, Korea, Mexico, and the United States.

Some funds are dedicated to the promotion of specific products, like table olives.

Within the EU itself, the focus is on campaigns that promote the different EU quality schemes and labels, including protected designation of origins (PDOs), protected geographical indications (PGIs) and traditional specialty guaranteed (TSGs), as well as organic products.

In addition, a share of the funding is targeted at certain specific sectors: sustainably produced rice, table olives, beef and veal, and fresh fruit and vegetables.

The EU policy, says global association for the exhibition industry UFI, provides an opportunity for exhibition organisers as well as for exhibitors to access some of this funding for pavilions and other promotion activities at agricultural or food exhibitions.

The deadline the submission of proposals is 16 April 2019.

Relevant information can be accessed here:


The EU’s tender call is published here.