Estrel Tower: Reaching New Heights

The soaring Estrel Tower, a landmark mixed-use development in Berlin, has officially surpassed the height of the renowned Estrel Hotel, signifying a new era in the city's skyline. Continuously rising at a remarkable pace of one floor every two weeks, this architectural marvel is on track for its grand unveiling in 2025, promising to redefine hospitality standards and expand the city's portfolio of offerings.

Designed to captivate hotel guests, event attendees, and local Berliners alike, the Estrel Tower boasts 525 meticulously crafted rooms and opulent suites, each adorned with floor-to-ceiling windows providing sweeping panoramic views of the cityscape. Complementing these accommodations are 90 serviced apartments equipped with private kitchenettes, catering to the needs of guests seeking an extended stay experience with all the comforts of home.


The culinary experience at the Estrel Tower is set to raise the bar, with tantalising menus showcasing the finest regional ingredients in both the casual ambiance of the "Market" and the elevated sophistication of the Fine Dining Restaurant perched on the 43rd floor. Meanwhile, the Sky Bar promises innovative cocktails amidst breathtaking vistas of Berlin, with plans underway to collaborate with globally renowned Berlin restaurateurs to further enhance the tower's culinary offerings.

Elevating the art of meetings and events, the Tower features state-of-the-art facilities across its upper floors, including expansive meeting spaces, private dining rooms, and a spectacular Lounge boasting double-height ceilings and unparalleled city views. With a dedicated area of 2,000 square meters for exclusive breakout rooms and the impressive 1,000-square-meter Estrel Forum, the tower provides a versatile canvas for gatherings of all scales.


Beyond hospitality and events, sustainability lies at the core of the Estrel Tower's ethos. Pursuing the prestigious "LEED Platinum" certification, the Tower exemplifies eco-conscious design and operations, with 100% green energy usage, extensive energy efficiency measures, and a commitment to waste reduction through innovative practices such as the "Estrel Share fridge" initiative.

Moreover, the Estrel Tower embraces sustainable mobility solutions for both employees and guests, offering incentives for public transportation usage, bicycle amenities, and optimal connectivity to eco-friendly transport options.


The Estrel Tower emerges not only as a symbol of architectural grandeur but also as a beacon of sustainability and innovation, poised to leave an indelible mark on Berlin's landscape and hospitality industry for years to come.