ECA and IFES announce new partnership

The US-based Exhibitions & Conferences Alliance (ECA) and the International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services (IFES) have announced they are to partner on global collaboration and knowledge sharing.

ECA and IFES say they strongly believe that the future success and growth of the global events industry will increasingly rely on cross-border partnerships between like-minded organisations and stakeholder groups working to address common challenges. Both organisations say they now look forward to collaborating on educational efforts, issue and policy forums, advocacy support, and other joint opportunities to serve the needs of the broader community.

“This partnership with ECA is going to make a real difference. ECA understands how trade shows affect not just the business events industry, but also communities and the global economy. They recognise the importance of what we do,” says IFES president, Phillipe Beille. “Together, we will raise awareness of the exhibition and events industry through a single, powerful voice! We're looking forward to what this partnership will bring and how it will help us make a bigger impact.”

IFES executive director, Uta Goretzky, agrees, “Knowing how fruitful the co-operation with EEIA (European Exhibition Industry Alliance) is, where all European exhibitions bodies are aligned, we are looking forward to working together on advocacy as well as on practical issues in our day-to-day business with ECA in the American market. Working together will strengthen our voice and help to share knowledge.”

“From advancing sustainability and attracting our next-generation workforce, to harnessing new technology and making international commerce more seamless, the challenges facing the business events industry are global in nature and will require global solutions,” says Tommy Goodwin, ECA vice-president. “That’s why ECA looks forward to working with IFES and its international members to share best practices and identify solutions that we can bring to policymakers in support of the industry’s advancement, both in the US and around the world.”