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China hosts international webinar and shares strategy of staging Hunan Auto Show

EW Managing Editor Paul Colston was one of the speakers taking part in a webinar organised 30 May by the China Convention/Exhibition/Event Society (CCEES).

International ‘virtual’ panelists also included:

  • David Zhong, UFI Global Vice-Chairman and Chairman of its Asia-Pacific Chapter 
  • Noor Ahmad Hamid, Regional Director, Asia Pacific, International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA)
  • Michael Matthews, President, Australian Association of Convention Bureaux (AACB) and CEO, Canberra Convention Bureau

While, from the Chinese side, participants on stage in China included:

  • Chu Xiangyin, Executive Vice President, CCEES
  • Chen Shuzhong, Executive Director Changsha Convention & Exhibition Development Office
  • Chen Zuxiang, General Manager, Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center.

The event, moderated by Tony Xu, Deputy SG of CCEES, was attended by 300 participants live in the hall in Hunan (due to social distancing restrictions) and a further 19,548, to date, watching online.

The audiences heard about the huge effort to successfully stage the recent Hunan Auto Show in Changsha, as well as short presentations about the situation on the UK, Australian and Asian markets in general, as well as an ICCA overview, with questions and answers.

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