Aichi Sky Expo at Aichi Prefecture: a little-known but safe-bet destination in Japan

Aichi Sky Expo

Are you thinking that your next event destination should be in Japan? If so, Aichi Sky Expo is the place to be!

Aichi Sky Expo offers 60,000sqm of exhibition space, 18 conference rooms, and 36,000 sqm of outside space that can not only be used for outside events, but also for smooth loading operations for indoor events.

Aichi Sky Expo opened in August 2019, next door to International Chubu Airport where flights from 34 international destinations are available during normal operations. This location also enables Aichi Sky Expo to be a permanent bonded exhibition centre, which facilitates importation and exportation processes for exhibition items.

Since its opening in 2019, and despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Aichi Sky Expo hosted 220 events, and welcomed 1,100,000 visitors. The venue is appreciated by B2C exhibition organisers, and conference and corporate event organisers, because of its flexible space and efficient services.

Aichi Sky Expo offers six halls totalling 10,000sqm, including Hall A which is a pole-free space with a 20m height. Halls B-F can be connected to create a 50,000sqm space - one of the largest that can be created in Japan.


Besides exhibition halls, Aichi Sky Expo offers 18 conference rooms seating 370 delegates total.

The venue is in the heart of Japan, Aichi Prefecture. Aichi may not be a familiar destination to you, but Aichi boasts both a dynamic business ecosystem and tourist attractiveness.

Aichi: the centre of the Japanese economy

Aichi is the hometown for 7.5m people and the area boasts a GDP of US $372b, which is an economic scale equivalent to countries such as Denmark or Singapore.

This dynamic GDP is supported by a world-class manufacturing industry. Aichi Prefecture is Japan’s number one manufacturing prefecture where various industries thrive, and has logged US $437b in manufactured product shipment value - which has been number one in Japan for 43 consecutive years

Not only is Toyota’s worldwide head office located in Aichi Prefecture, but also other leading manufacturing companies such as DENSO, AISIN, OKUMA, DMG MORI and Mazak, are headquartered in Aichi also.

Almost half of all automobile-related parts in Japan are produced in Aichi, representing 170 billion dollars. The sector today is especially focusing on the development of hydrogen vehicles; one of Aichi’s political initiatives to realise a hydrogen society.


Aerospace is also one of the key industries in Aichi. Chubu region, where Aichi Prefecture is located, has been designated as a Special Zone to create Asia’s number one Aerospace Industrial Cluster by the Japanese government. Notably, 196 companies exist within the region.

Aichi Prefecture has actively carried out development and production of the Mitsubishi Space Jet family; fuselage and wings of Boeing passenger jets; aircraft engines; Japanese flagship rockets; and more.

In Japan Aeromart, a leading aerospace event, is organised in Nagoya each year and Aichi Sky Expo successfully hosted the 2021 edition.

Aichi offers the most concentrated zone of the robotics’ industry in Japan. It has 64 companies, representing 16.4% of all robotic-related companies in the country. Approximately 2,600 employees work in the robotics industry in Aichi, which is 13% of Japan’s total robotics industry workforce.

The government has especially spotlighted manufacturing robots, medical robots, and unmanned flying robots. Aichi Prefecture actively hosts robotic events such as the Robocup Asia-Pacific 2021: a worldwide robotics competition held at Aichi Sky Expo.

Aichi: the strategic destination for tourism

On the island where Aichi Sky Expo is located, 3,472 hotel rooms are available. Since Aichi Sky Expo is located next door to Chubu international Airport, and in the heart of Japan, you can easily access all points in Japan.

By plane, you can access Fukuoka in 110 minutes, Naha in 155 minutes, and Sapporo (the capital of the northernmost prefecture in Japan) in 110 minutes. By riding on the bullet train from Nagoya, you can also access the main tourism spots in Japan: such as Kyoto in one hour, Tokyo in 100 minutes, and Osaka in 50 minutes.

Even though Aichi offers outstanding access to all points in Japan, Aichi itself offers attractive tourism spots.

Feel the roots of the Samurai in the heart of Japan

Aichi is the hometown of Japan’s famous warlords, including Nobunaga Oda, Ieyasu Tokugawa, and Hideyoshi Toyotomi. These warlords, who dominated the turbulent Sengoku Warring States period and dreamt of unification of the land, blossomed here in Nagoya and greatly influenced the history of Japan.

Nagoya Castle and the castle town, built on the orders of Ieyasu, were maintained during the reign of the Owari Tokugawa family - laying the foundations for present-day Nagoya.



Aichi also possess many works of art from this period, especially those exhibited at the Tokugawa Art Museum. Their collection includes nine national treasures, 59 cultural properties of national importance, and 46 art objects of national importance. It is an experience worth seeing to feel Japanese traditional culture with your own eyes.

MONOZUKURI (manufacturing) experience

Aichi Prefecture is also known as Japan’s 'manufacturing capital' with various artisans, small and medium-sized enterprises, and global giants being based in the area who value the quality of their products.

Today, the automotive and aerospace industries are well represented. But, the history of manufacturing in Aichi Prefecture goes back more than 400 years and traditional manufacturing industries, such as the pottery and textile industries, are also very active.

The Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology shows the historical aspects of Monozukuri (production) in Aichi. It has a focus on textile machinery - one of the key industries that supported the development of modern Japan. It also shows the history of the Group and the automobile, which continues to pioneer the modern age.

The building is a red brick factory from the Taisho era, which is known as the birthplace of the Toyota Group and treasured as industrial heritage.

Aichi offers lots of history and traditions but continues to develop with lots of exciting projects. Tourism attractiveness will be reinforced with the opening of Ghibli Park in November, which will showcase the world of Studio Ghibli, the Japanese anime studio.

Aichi Prefecture is also accelerating international economic cooperation “made in Aichi” in October 2024, by the inauguration of Station Ai, the largest start-up incubation facility in Japan.

If you are interested in Aichi as your next event destination, choose Aichi Sky Expo. Aichi Sky Expo belongs to GL events network venue, one of the largest event industry groups, which ensures international standards of event service and hospitality.