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AEO demands ‘clarity’ from UK Chancellor on whether new job support scheme applies to events sector

Following the UK Chancellor’s statement on expanded coronavirus job support measures, chief executive of the Association of Events Organisers, Chris Skeith issued a statement asking for “urgent clarity” as to whether the measures would be applicable to the events sector. 

An industry already hurting badly is set to be further damaged as new tighter lockdown restrictions are imposed in swathes of northern England and central Scotland.

The Chancellor (pictured) rightly recognises that viable businesses impacted by government closure decisions need targeted support,” said Skeith, “however, exhibitions companies have been forced to close since March and it is vital that they too are able to access these measures. We are seeking urgent clarity from the government as to whether these measures will be applicable to the events sector, as without targeted support we will see over 90,000 jobs lost in the coming weeks.” 

The UK events sector issued an open letter to the Prime Minister and Chancellor calling for targeted support for the exhibitions sector, including expanded wage support payments and grants. 

The Chancellor had announced that those working for UK businesses forced to shut by law because of Covid-19 restrictions would have two-thirds of their wages paid for by the state.

The new adjustment is an expansion of the Job Support Scheme, which begins on 1 November and will be available for six months.

The events industry was not directly mentioned in the Chancellor’s , statement.

Businesses that are forced to close in England have been promised easier access to business grants, with up to £3,000 a month paid every fortnight.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are to get extra funding to manage their own support schemes.