2nd International Drone Show Competition winners announced

The 2nd International Drone Show Competition, that saw 214 registered participants from 104 countries, has announced its results. The Competition, initiated by SPH Engineering’s Drone Show Software (DSS) team, tasked participants to submit a project video in a selected category.

Winners by category are:

  • Best drone show 3D animation: Nacho Cruje (Spain)
  • Best integrated drone show: CELESTIAL (UK)
  • Best drone show business promo video: Grizzly Entertainment (Cyprus)
  • Best drone show up to 100 drones: Flock Drone Art (Spain)
  • Best drone show up to 1000 drones: Taiwan Drone 100 (Taiwan)
  • Best drone show over 1000 drones: Andrei Golenev (with the performance by Geoscan Drone Show from Russia)

Entries were evaluated by a jury panel composed of EU, American and Asian drone show professionals, 3D animators and entrepreneurs.

Alexey Dobrovolskiy, chief technical officer at SPH Engineering, commented: “It is exciting to observe how this competition is becoming a global platform to unite various expertise in drone shows: from animation to business promo videos, from small scale shows up to 100 drones, to integrated and large scale shows. The number of participating countries doubled in comparison to 2020 while the youngest participant this year was only 14 years old. Keeping in mind the diversity and complexity of submissions, we have selected six winners as planned and added a few special prizes.”