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Los Angeles Convention Centre installs USA’s largest public art project

The Los Angeles Convention Centre (LACC) has unveiled a massive, hand-painted mural – the largest public art & civic project in the USA.

Shaping LA’ by Portraits of Hope spans the length of four football fields, and will be displayed for six months on the LACC’s South Hall.

The project was conceived 13 years ago by Portraits of hope founders Ed Massey and Bernie Massey. The geometric shapes are intended to represent young participants responsible for ‘shaping’ the future.

Doane Liu, Executive Director of the City of Los Angeles Department of Conventon and Tourism Development (CTD) said: “The LACC is the perfect canvas for this one-of-a-king project.

Shaping LA has uniquely transformed the landscape of Downtown Los Angeles, proudly exemplifying the creativity of our great city.”


Shaping LA is the largest public art and civic project in the country thanks to the efforts of thousands of Los Angeles residents through civic education and public policy sessions in over 1,000 schools, creative therapy sessions for hospitalized children and persons with disabilities, social service programs and community operations for the public.

Additionally, the project was made possible by partners, including AEG who donated $10,000 toward the project, as well as GES and Freeman who donated labour to install the mural.

“We are proud to support the Shaping LA project because it embodies the AEG values of community service and support of the arts and education,” said Ellen Schwartz, General Manager, LACC. “This project has impacted so many lives and we are excited to be an integral part of this story.”

After approximately six months, the artwork will be donated primarily to social service institutions to beautify their environments.

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