Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre delivers RM888 million to Malaysia


The Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) in Malaysia delivered RM888 million of economic impact to Malaysia in 2018, according to the venue.

It welcomed 2.18 million visitors throughout the year, an increase of 45% from 2017. It also played host to 1,485 events in the year, 17% more than 2017.

The Centre’s General Manager Alan Pryor commented: “We are delighted with our performance last year, and I am happy to witness the hard work of our dedicated and highly experienced team bearing fruit.

“It is especially pleasing to see an increase across most of our business segments. Our clients are clearly enjoying our customisable solutions and services that deliver a seamless and rewarding customer journey from beginning to end.

“2018 was also a busy year for us on the industry engagement front. We delivered our first major North American client educational programme with Maritz Global Events, hosted by the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre Business Events Alliance (KLCCBEA).”

In 2019, KLCC has plans for an expansion which is opening later in the year, adding an additional 11,000 sqm of flexible and multi-purpose space for its clients to grow their events, and enable the venue to accommodate more concurrent events.