Chinese attendance to German trade fairs has doubled


The number of Chinese visitors to German trade fairs has doubled since 2007, according to new figures released by AUMA, the association of the German trade fair industry.

Around 85,000 visitors from China came to Germany in 2017, to learn about the industry and pave the way for business relations. The number of visitors from all countries outside Europe rose by 30% in the same period of time, to a total of 650,000 people.

Chinese interest in German trade fairs has increased considerably more on the purchasing side than the exhibiting side.

AUMA CEO Dr Peter Neven said: “German trade fairs and their offers from all over the world are clearly a very good match for buyers of investment and consumer goods for the Chinese market.”

Of the total of 9.7 million visitors in 2017, 2.9 million came from abroad, including approximately 1.8 million from the EU and 460,000 from other countries in Europe. Of the visitors from outside Europe, nearly half or around 300,000 came from South, East and Central Asia.

Around 95,000 came from the Middle East, followed by about 90,000 from North America. Latin America followed with 75,000 and Africa with around 65,000 visitors. Australia and Oceania managed to send nearly 25,000 visitors.