Industry mourns former AEO director Brian Rusbridge

Brian Rusbridge, former AEO director sadly passed away on Sunday 10 July, just short of his 94th birthday.

An extremely popular leader of the AEO among members and the wider industry, he led the association during a challenging period of the 1990’s and left the association in a strong position on his retirement in 1998.

Trevor Foley, who took over from Brian as AEO director in 1998, said: “Brian was a true gentleman whom everyone associated with AEO hugely respected and liked immensely. After leaving the association, he always remained keenly interested in what was going on in the industry, he was never one to retire. Memories of Brian are lovely memories that will never fade. This is a sad day but also one to reflect on Brian’s example of a very good way to lead one’s life.”

Brian, father of Mike and Peter Rusbridge, is survived by his wife Joyce.

The private family funeral will take place on 29 July. There will be an opportunity to make a charitable donation with details to follow on