India prepares for Elecrama World Electricity Forum 2016

Organisers are powering up to stage the 2016 edition of one of India’s largest electricity, power and electronic technology fairs, Elecrama World Electricity Forum.

The Indian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers’ Association (IEEMA) will stage the show’s 12th edition at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre, India, on 13-17 February 2016.

Organisers reported more than 100,000 visitors attended the show’s 2014 edition, which featured almost 1,000 exhibitors over 77,000sqm. The site also has open-air exhibition space for UHV/HV displays.

India is the world’s third largest producer of electricity, according to figures from the US Energy Information Administration.

Elecrama chairman Aaditya Dhoot said the event had evolved to reflect the changing technology involved in power production.

“The world is moving in leaps and bounds in leveraging technology in all faces of electricity,” Dhoot said. “India happens to be in the epicentre of this threshold change, given her phenomenal electricity infrastructure ramp up through traditional generation transmission, as well as alternate modes using renewables linked to micro and nano grids.”

The trade fair will bring together a broad range professionals, public and private organisations involved in power generation, including power utilities, consultants, architects, investors, planners, trade authorities and government agencies, educational institutions and students.

“After all, it’s Elecrama time, where power meets power!” Dhoot added.

Organisers said India’s newly elected government has pledged to more than double the country’s energy supply by 2030, including solar- and wind-generated power.

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