Website content writing made easy

Event website creators ASP go ‘back to basics’ with seven top  tips for writing better content online.

Long Story Short

When writing online, it’s essential to tell the reader quickly what the story is about and why they should keep reading. Make a short synopsis of the story, and the reader can then choose to read on to get a better picture. 

The Five Ws (Who, What, Why, Where, and When)

When writing a news article, it’s   always important to ensure you cover off the five Ws of the story in the first two sentences. This rule will enable you to quickly telegraph the most important information - giving the reader the topline facts.

Keep in style and be stylish

Even if the subject matter of your event may be dull, try to inject your writing with a distinctive tone of voice. In features and insight pieces, conversational styles work particularly well on the web. But know your audience and always sense check your style against your brand’s guidelines.

Stick to one idea per sentence

In news writing online, it’s important to avoid long sentences. Every point of the piece needs to flow logically into the next without the sentences becoming cumbersome.

Be SEO Friendly

A well-optimised headline can make a big difference to how a news story ranks in search engines. Your article should feature a couple of keywords. This will help attract web users who are interested in your event to discover your website.

Avoid Pile-Ons

A pile-on is when websites put the latest development in a story at the top. They then pile the next development on the top, burying the best bits of the story. No-one wants to read a news article that is the size of War & Peace.

Always Proofread!

Sloppy writing and typos get noticed, so get someone to check your work before publishing. 

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