Two new ETT Club workshops in February

The Exhibition Think Tank (ETT) Club has two new events upcoming in February, both workshops have two online time options, with the first session, 4 February, targeted on Sales and the 15 February workshop on the topic of creating a post-crisis exhibition ESP. The workshops offers 30 minutes education – 30 minutes group work and 30 minutes of discussion.
Full details below:  

Micro-Workshop: Keeping it Simple When Selling Exhibitions

4 February, 08:00 or 16:00 (UK Time)

The ETT Club notes that exhibition sales people are, traditionally, tasked with simply selling little boxes on a floorplan, but emphasises that these professionals are selling so much more - opportunities, connection, business and the opportunity to grow relationships far more quickly than any other medium. This is what Stephan Murtagh will cover on the 4 February ‘Keeping It Simple When Selling Exhibitions’ course.


Netucation: Creating a Post Crisis Exhibition USP

15 February, 08:00 or 16:00 (UK Time)

This micro education session, led by MBB-Consulting Group’s Matthias Tesi Baur, is designed for a quick knowledge transfer combined with a networking platform. Participants will learn how to create a post-crisis exhibition USP and discuss it with other course participants. 

To attend the above events and/or become a member of the ETT Club, click on the links to the relevant workshop above.