Two Innovation Talks in March from the ETT Club

The Value Propositionis the title for the next Innovation Talk from the Exhibition Think Tank (ETT) Club on 17 March.

The session will be chaired by Simon Foster, international exhibition CEO and business leader, Dacorum Management Limited. It will run in two time slots, 8am and 4pm (UK Time). Foster will explore the question of what value proposition events need to offer in the future.

The Innovation Talk series provides a global platform to network and collaborate with like-minded people, irrespective of job titles and hierarchy.

Participants will need to be team players both during online sessions and in the breakout rooms where the networking and discussion of the monthly challenge takes place in smaller groups.

Foster, says: “Not being able to offer our core product to customers, and moving more towards digital events, was a real shake up. For some, digital was a totally new space, while others were already operating there, but one thing is for sure: the ‘old normal’ is no more! “Now, perhaps more than ever, it’s up to us to rebuild and reclaim our position as a trusted part of the sectors, buyers and sellers we serve. This can only be done by creating a post-crisis USP that will bring customers back to our shows once travelling is possible. It’s time to focus on and re-imagine the value proposition of the event industry and our products, to ensure they are stronger and more relevant for the future. For that reason, I’m delighted to chair the new ETT Club Monthly Innovation Talk series focusing on this crucial topic.”

The ETT Club will also fit in a second Innovation Talk in March, with ‘Digital and AI’. The topic under discussion on 23 March, with chair Stefan Rummel, managing director of Messe Muenchen, GmbH. There will again be two timings on offer, at 8am and 4pm (UK time).