Time to enter this year's UFI Sustainable Development Award

Despite Covid-19 we have seen many in the global exhibition community seizing the opportunity to build new innovative sustainable partnerships. Global association of the exhibition industry, UFI is, as usual, recognising achievements in this field and now accepting entries for its 2021 UFI Sustainable Development Award.

The awards are designed to recognise organisations that have implemented a successful partnership approach in the exhibitions industry that has created shared value among partners, communities, customers and/or the environment, or are developing a promising one.

UFI describes its Sustainable Development Award as offering global recognition from the industry, an opportunity to share best-practice, and as a chance to present a winning formula at its annual UFI Global Congress.

Entries are being accepted up until 16 March 2021 and the award is open to all companies from the exhibition industry (organisers, venues, service providers, associations), whether they are UFI members or not. Collaborative entries, involving groups of organisations, including some from outside the exhibition industry are encouraged.


How to apply?

1- Prepare your entry (3-5 pages) and include:

  • Company(ies) name and title (theme) of the entry, and contact person(s) details.
  • Quick background, nature and general objectives of the initiative.
  • Detailed description, including implementation plan and current or planned results.
  • Conclusion: lessons, next steps (if any).

2- E-mail it to sdaward@ufi.org on or before 16 March 2021.