OFFPRICE announces EVOLVE, a new elevated price point segment of the apparel show

EVOLVE, a premium product Marketplace, will premiere at the next OFFPRICE show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, 7-10 August, 2021.

The EVOLVE Marketplace, organiser Tarsus says, will offer elevated styles and urban trends together within the OFFPRICE Show.

Higher margins on quality goods drive this section. For exhibitors, the premier section offers targeted marketing to discriminating buyer groups for a limited number of vendors.

Angela Kamine, sales director of the OFFPRICE show, said: “If you are in retail and want to make money, you must have an off-price strategy. That is why we are introducing EVOLVE. This section offers elevated product, unique items, and on-trend merchandise all at the right price. We offer every retailer the opportunity to increase their margins on all buys, from value to premium.”

Tricia Barglof, executive director of the OFFPRICE show, said: “The boutique section was successful, but we realised quickly that boutiques are not the only retail stores that can benefit from offering a higher price point. In today’s market, retailers of all sizes should have an off-price strategy, and EVOLVE can fill that need.”

For the first time ever, OFFPRICE is headed to the Las Vegas Convention Center and the show will kick off the industry’s to Las Vegas Fashion Week, alongside WINN and Magic.

Off-price is a trading format based on discount pricing. Off-price retailers are independent of manufacturers and buy large volumes of branded goods directly from them.  The OFFPRICE Show takes place biannually in Las Vegas in February and August during Fashion Week, and an annual market show in New York City. The show is aimed at small business owners to retailers for national chain stores. Featuring a range of exhibitors showcasing quality apparel, footwear and accessories at value-based costs.