Nürnberg Messe to restart in September with world’s largest landscape and garden show

The Nürnberg Messe is planning to run its first public tradefair since the Covid-19 outbreak, albeit with restrictions. The news comes as the tradefair company says it has lost more than €70m in sales due to the Covid-19 crisis.

The GaLaBau, which will run 16-19 September will be the first major public exhibition in Nuremberg after the lockdown. More than 70,000 visitors and 1,200 exhibitors attended last year’s four-day show for gardening, landscaping and planning of green spaces. Organisers claim it is the world’s largest landscape and gardening show.

Spokesman for the fair, Ulf Santjer, says that there is great demand from exhibitors and companies: “There is great anticipation to be able to meet and see again and to get in touch with customers.” 

Santjer cautions it will not be a tradefair as we traditionally know it. Distance regulations, customer contact with masks and disinfection measures will all be in place.

Santjer underlines that the effective of tradefairs as a marketing instrument is not under scrutiny by companies. “However, in September we know that there will still be many restrictions from the coronavirus pandemic. For example, evening events with casual conversations are not scheduled.”

Around 550 employees work at the Nuremberg tradefair site, and almost 40% are affected by short-time work. 

NürnbergMesse had already announced that the construction of a new convention center for around €200m would be postponed for several years. The Messe has already seen 31 of its tradefairs and events cancelled or postponed worldwide, including 19 events at the Nuremberg location.

Bavaria-wide tradefairs and exhibitions have been sanctioned to take place again from 1 September and tradefair company AFAG has also announced that the consumer fair Consumenta should take place from 24 October to 1 November 2020.