Money20/20 Europe set to dive into the ‘Customer Universe of One’ in Amsterdam

 Money20/20, the fintech show run by Ascential has unveiled a dynamic agenda for its upcoming Europe show in Amsterdam, 4-6 June. Organisers say the agenda will explore how advanced analytics and technologies can be used to anticipate customer behaviour and build hyper-personalised solutions that unlock a holistic financial ecosystem - a ‘Customer Universe of One’. 

The show draws in the world’s biggest banks, fintech players, VC firms, regulators, media platforms, and innovators to discuss how hyper-personalisation, fueled by advanced technologies, is poised to revolutionise the financial services industry and its profound implications for the future of commerce. C-suite executives from banks and financial houses will gather alongside senior representatives from leading technology companies, brands and fintechs including AWS, Visa, and Tiffany & Co for the Amsterdam show. 

“Scarlett Sieber, Money20/20's chief strategy and growth officer, said: “The rise of the 'Universe of One' represents a seismic shift in the financial landscape. It is not just about fancy technology; it’s about putting customers in control of their financial well-being and achieving their unique goals. Leaders who embrace this personalised future will not only win the market but also become catalysts for a more inclusive and dynamic financial ecosystem. Money20/20’s agenda is designed to help regulators, entrepreneurs, and beyond to deliver a new era of financial empowerment and unlock growth.'" 

Key sessions include: 

  • How Telcos Are Bringing the Next Billion Users to Web3
  • Europe’s Biggest Banks Discuss AI and the Future of Technology
  • The Rise of the CustoBot
  • N=1 Personalisation: Possible or a Pipedream?
  • Hyper-Personalisation: Finding Neglected Customer and Merchant Niches

The full Money20/20 Europe agenda can be found here, while the lineup of confirmed speakers here

Launched by industry insiders in 2012, Money20/20 will also convene in Bangkok (22-24 April 2025).