Messe Frankfurt Argentina moves to new offices

Messe Frankfurt Argentina announced its move to new offices on 20 July in Buenos Aires. The new location provides common areas, meeting rooms, a dining room and management offices and the organiser says the move is aimed to facilitate working in a more integrated manner. 

In times when teamwork is essential, and in an industry where face-to-face meetings are the basis of good business, the company says it is striving to achieve an appropriate balance between being present at the office and remote work through the new digital platforms. 

Fernando Gorbarán (pictured), president and CEO of Messe Frankfurt Argentina, said: “We are giving a sign of confidence because we are convinced that the world, and our country in particular, needs us to meet again and generate business. Throughout history, exhibitions have shown that they are central to an industry’s core business, and vital for professional updating.” 

During the move, items no longer needed in the new offices were donated to the QUERECICLO Foundation to be either recycled, or repaired and provided to those who may need them.