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Media 10 and Guangzhou Dreampix announce partnership

Media 10, a UK event management company, has announced the launch of ChuMan Festivals, produced in partnership with Guangzhou Dreampix.

The ChuMan Festivals will be a series of live events across cities in China including Shanghai and Chongqing. The events will bring together, collectibles, cosplay, games, education and retail, enabling fans of the manga genre to meet fellow users, see their favourite artists, watch stage shows and shop from hand-picked exhibitors.

CEO and founder of Media 10, Lee Newton, said: “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Guangzhou Dreampix to put together the first-ever ChuMan Festival and to add the live events to our ever-growing portfolio of lifestyle and events across the world. Together with Dreampix’s team, we will build some of the biggest festivals in China.”

Founder and CEO of Guangzhou Dreampix, Jonny Huang, said: “We are excited to partner with Media 10 to create a series of big ChuMan IP Festivals across major cities in China. The festivals will be a place for our 45 million online fans and community to celebrate their creative passion, play the latest games, meet their favourite artists and peers.”

The first event will take place in Shangha,  4-6 December, 2020. It will be a three-day event offering live IP content and experiences for consumers and businesses seeking to expand into licensing in arts, fashion and lifestyle.