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Launch of ExpoNetwork Academy, an e-learning 100% on-demand platform designed exclusively for the exhibition industry

A knowledge and training learning platform designed exclusively for the exhibition industry – ExpoNetwork Academy – has been launched online. Its founders say this new and important tool can help build and strengthen knowledge and best practices within the industry.

In this moment of huge uncertainty and rapid change to business models, continuous learning is now more than ever an essential skill for all exhibition professionals and the  ExpoNetwork Academy founders say they have designed it with the sole objective of helping organisers build these skills in a low cost manner; bringing thought leaders to your desktop. 

There is a range of courses to enrol in and learn why it is crucial for an exhibition organiser to design a client-centric culture.

Enrico Gallorini CEO of GRS Research and Strategy, and a founding member of the ExpoNetwork Academy, explains what  it is all about: “The last six months have been both a period of intense uncertainty and enormous creativity within our industry. As a collaborator with my alma mater SDA Bocconi (Milan Business School of Management), I’ve always had a deep passion for the impact that education has on individuals. “Refreshing, updating and challenging the ways which in which we think, is one of the most valuable skills we have. It helps us grow as individuals, make better decisions, and lead with greater confidence.  The last few months has given me the opportunity to work with a number of thought leaders in the industry and realise a long held dream of mine – to build a knowledge and learning platform – The ExpoNetwork Academy.”

Lesson 1 - Technology Framework, ExpoNetwork Academy

Gallorini says the Academy’s focus is 100% on exhibitions and on issues which matter most to exhibition organisers. “Our industry is unique. The current environment has an enormous need to build skills and knowledge in areas which are having an impact on revenues and profits now. Our launch includes courses on strategic exhibition management, managing successful virtual and hybrid exhibitions, and the role of digital transformation and data science within organisers.  All are front of mind issues to the modern progressive organiser.” 

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In terms of what is available on the ExpoNetwork Academy, Gallorini and his team have launched with five courses delivered by industry insiders, including Stephan Forseilles, Tesi Baur and Mark Parsons. “These focus on the most pressing needs of our industry at the present time – how to make money, and how to build the digital data-led organisers of the future. This is, however, only the beginning. Over the coming weeks we have a great pipeline of additional courses in production which will focus on additional areas.”  

Enrico Gallorini, CEO of GRS Research and Strategy

 And to the question of why now, why is this important? Gallorini says: “We all know that things will not be the same going forward. It’s nice to think that it will be, but naïve and dangerous. I know that it is critical that organisers take ownership of the change, and build the knowledge, vocabulary and mindsets necessary to adapt, survive and thrive. The ExpoNetwork Academy isn’t a golden bullet, there is no simple answer. “Targeted tailored education on the issues which matter, however, is a low cost and highly effective way of creating new options, new ideas and building the confidence to meet upcoming challenges.”

Those enrolling for a course will receive exclusive access to the custom-designed  Learning Platform and each course is structured as a series of bite-sized lessons which are typically 5–10 minutes each. Overall lessons should take around 2 hours, and comprise of videos, papers, slides and quizzes. Enrolment also means unlimited access to all the lessons, materials and quizzes.

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“The Academy is designed make it easy to build new skills and be exposed to new thinking from industry thought leaders. Give it a try. I look forward to welcoming you more formally to the ExpoNetwork Academy!” Gallorini adds.

For full details and to sign up  click here.