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Informa Markets India launches Super September

Informa Markets in India has announced the launch of Super September – Virtual B2B Celebration, which will see six digital expos for six different sectors take place throughout the month of September 2020.

The exhibitions will also be supplemented by a range of conferences, training sessions, webinars and award ceremonies.

The online tradeshows will be: Renewable Energy India E-Expo, InnoPack Pharma Confex, OSH India Virtual Expo, IFSEC Indian Virtual Expo, SATTE GenX, and PharmaLytica Virtual Expo Connect.

The conferences also scheduled for the month will include Future Packet Transport Network, Pharma Supply Chain, Biopharma Conclave and Cleaning Validation.

The Virtual B2B Celebration, according to Informa, aims to help communities and businesses "overcome the limitations of lockdown, achieve business goals and provide an edge as the economy readies itself to get back on track".

Coinciding with the Digital India campaign's fifth anniversary, Super September also supports the Atmanirbhar Bharat Abhiyan’s Covid-19 stimulus initiative to "build a self-reliant India through the prioritisation of MSMEs, sustainability, power distribution, health, and rural employment, among others".

Informa Markets in India organised its first virtual expo, the IFSEC Virtual Expo, in June. It followed this up with a series of online exhibitions focusing on occupational health and safety, renewable energy, beauty and cosmetics, and the gem and jewellery industry.

Managing director of Informa Markets in India, Yogesh Mudras, said: “We are proud to present the Virtual B2B Celebration. We pioneered the virtual expo space by organising our first e-expo InterOp, back in 2011. The Virtual B2B Celebration is the result of the crescendo we have built in terms of scope, potential and effort.

"While there are indications that India’s turnaround may be a slower U-shaped or a W-shaped one, through exhibitions we hope to boost the business morale by working towards the optimal V-shaped economic re-emergence where the graph rises up factoring in public health as well.

“The digital celebration in September will no doubt complement and bolster our physical shows.”