Hopin acquires Boomset to become all-in-one platform for virtual, hybrid and in-person event experiences

Leading event management platform Hopin has announced, 16 June, that it has acquired onsite event solutions specialist, Boomset. With the acquisition, Hopin will add premier onsite event tools to its offerings to become a holistic partner that enables anyone to plan, produce and share events whether hybrid, in-person or virtual.

Johnny Boufarhat, CEO and founder of Hopin said: “The events industry has changed forever and event organisers need a seamless solution that includes virtual and onsite technology and services. With the addition of Boomset, we will allow our customers the ability to scale and analyse any type of event by capturing both virtual and in-person audiences and data together.

“I am extremely proud to welcome the incredible Boomset team to Hopin as well as partner with Boomset’s founder and CEO Kerem Baran, whose attention to company culture is highly valued at Hopin.”

Baran said: “Hopin has been transformational for virtual events and joining the organisation will be powerful for our team and event organisers, particularly for the future of hybrid events. We believe an all-in-one platform, including Boomset’s seamless onsite event solutions, will deliver on Hopin and Boomset’s mutual mission to provide the best experience for our customers while continuing to scale at ‘Hopin speed’.”

With Boomset, Hopin says it will be a destination for onsite technology and services, including badges, self-service kiosks, and QR code check-in; access to innovative technology solutions like tracking management with RFID/UHF/NFC, and cashless payments; and meaningful data insights that include checkin/out data, session attendance, lead retrieval, and full event demographics.

With Hopin’s new onsite capabilities, organisers will be able to produce interactive hybrid events that centralise offline and online audience analytics in a single dashboard to see substantial 360 degree insights.

“It has always been clear to us that hybrid events are extremely valuable for both organisers and attendees,” said Boufarhat (pictured). “With our all-in-one platform, as well as more on the horizon for Hopin, we will continue on our mission to help people connect with the communities and conversations they care about whether in-person or online.”

Since the beginning of 2020, Hopin has scaled from six to more than 660 employees in 45 countries. Since February of last year, Hopin has raised more than US$565m in Series A-C funding.

As part of its multi-product strategy, London-based Hopin, which was only founded in 2019, acquihired the mobile app development team from Topi in 2020 and acquired the video streaming company StreamYard, adding StreamYard’s 3.6 million video content creators to its base. In 2021, Hopin acquired video hosting provider Streamable as well as video technology company Jamm.