Hong Kong Art Book Fair sees growth despite protests

The Hong Kong Art Book Fair took place from 11-13 January, and saw a 30% increase in exhibitors.

The event saw a weekend of exhibits, performances and talks in the alternative publishing sector.

The event took place in the Tai Kwun cultural centre. Tobias Berger, Tai Kwun’s Head of Art, said the rise in popularity could be partly attributed to the ongoing protests in the city.

He commented: “The younger generation of Hong Kongers are especially curious about zines and alternative ways of publishing. The protests have sparked a greater demand for it because of how important creative expression has become.”

The Tai Kwun website says that the event “underscores Tai Kwun Contemporary’s dedication to presenting contemporary art programmes in support of the expanding art ecology in Hong Kong.”

Events in Hong Kong have been threatened by the political climate, but have continued to bring in key business from overseas.

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