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Germany announces new Covid-19 package with support for exhibition industry

The German government has agreed upon a 50-billion-euro emergency relief programme to reduce the  economic consequences of Covid-19 for freelancers and small businesses. Under the plan they will be able to receive financial benefits directly.

German national tradefair industry association AUMA’s Managing Director Jörn Holtmeier welcomed the news and said tradefairs would need to play a crucial role after the Covid-19 crisis.

AUMA said the government programme would assist numerous players of the tradefair industry: small organisers with one or two tradefairs annually, specialist service providers like those working in creative jobs, skilled crafts and trades or freelance contractors. Additionally, event and conference organisers or small catering companies are set to benefit, too.

Holtmeier said: “Tradefairs are complex eco-systems, which only work if many partners of different sizes are co-operating. If, after the coronavirus crisis, the economy shall get started again, platforms like tradefairs will become necessary in order to rebuild trust and strengthen business relationships through personal contact. Therefore, the tradefair industry will need all partners again – with their usual quality and creativeness. In order to maintain this network of partners the programme for small businesses arrives just in time.”

The expenses of tradefair exhibitors and visitors in Germany result in macroeconomic production effects of more than €28bn, according to a survey by the ifo-Institut on behalf of AUMA.

A new evaluation by AUMA shows that numerous postponements and cancellations of tradefairs will cost the German economy approximately €5.5bn and 45,000 jobs could possibly be affected.

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