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First-time global marketing award double for KINTEX

KINTEX, the largest convention centre in South Korea, has become the first in the world to receive the marketing awards of both the global association of the exhibition industry, UFI, and now also from the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA).

This year, KINTEX was one of five ICCA members recognised under the theme ‘Leadership in Changing Times’ during the 59th ICCA Congress held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 3 November.

KINTEX director of convention marketing Frank Yang presented the venue’s innovative framework for re-opening the venue during the pandemic, a framework which has also been used in many other venues and destinations around the world.

In particular, KINTEX's quarantine system was adopted as a model example in the Covid-19 quarantine manual jointly issued by UFI, ICCA and AIPC (International Association of Convention Centres) and presented as the global standard.

Although 89 exhibition and conventions were held between 8 May and 17 August and drawing 330,000 visitors, no confirmed cases of Covid-19 occurred due to the thorough quarantine system. KINTEX’s infection prevention system was also adopted as a best practice by the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC).

Lee Hwa Young, CEO of KINTEX, stated: “Following last year's UFI Marketing Awards, we are once again being recognised as a leader in the global convention and exhibition industry upon being recognised for the Best Marketing Award by ICCA. KINTEX became the first company in the world to win both the UFI and ICCA Marketing Awards, and through these awards, the status of the Korean convention industry, which wisely coped with the Covid-19 crisis, has received the international spotlight.”

KINTEX is located in Goyang city, adjacent to Seoul and is home to exhibitions including Seoul Motor Show, Seoul Food, and SIMTOS. Currently, 1,300 business events are held at KINTEX annually, and the venue is expected to reach full capacity within a few years. When the expansion project, which is presently underway, is completed, the event space will be expanded from the current 108,000sqm to 180,000sqm making KINTEX one of the 30 largest exhibition centres in the world.


Photo shows: KINTEX Presentation at the ICCA Congress in Kaohsiung, Taiwan