Digitell to partner with Lippman Connects on Digital Summit summer series

Virtual event specialists Digitell is to partner with Lippman Connects and sponsor exclusively the Digital Summit summer series 2021.

The fourth series kicks off 24 June with an online discussion, the first of five mission critical topics selected by organisers.

“Digitell is proud to join with Lippman Connects to help seasoned professionals exchange pertinent information on the most timely topics,” said Jim Parker, CEO of Digitell.  

Digital Summit sessions are conducted via Zoom on select Thursdays from 2:00-3:30 PM US Eastern Time. The discussions will be facilitated by Sam Lippman, president of Lippman Connects, will facilitate the sessions. 

The five-series programme begins on 24 June, with ‘Practical Strategies for Managing In-Person Events in the Face of Continuing Uncertainty’. Then follow:                    

  • 15 July – Proving ROI: Developing Metrics That Will Strengthen Exhibitor and Sponsor Loyalty
  • 5 August – Using Data to Create Cost-Effective Attendee Acquisition Campaigns
  • 26 August – Post Pandemic Sponsorships and Ancillary Revenue Sources
  • 30 September – Leveraging Pent-Up Demand to Secure Larger Commitments from Exhibitors and Sponsors 

More information: www.lippmanconnects.com/events/digitalsummit.

US-based Lippman Connects produces information-sharing and networking experiences for exhibition and convention industry executives, managers, and professionals. The Lippman Connects portfolio includes Exhibition and Convention Executives Forum, Attendee Acquisition Roundtable, Exhibit Sales Roundtable, Large Show Roundtable, and Digital Summit.