Copenhagen readies for February fashion fair as Denmark loosens Covid restrictions

The Copenhagen International Fashion Fair (CIFF) is set to take place 2-4 February coinciding with Copenhagen Fashion Week. 

CIFF organisers released a statement confirming the show was going ahead on the back of recent advice from the Danish Government. 

“CIFF is pleased to announce that, in-line with the Danish Government’s announcement of loosening Covid-19 restrictions, the show will be going ahead as planned without the implementation of additional restrictions. We remain committed to creating a safe and enjoyable environment for all and look forward to welcoming our exhibitors and guests back to the show this February.”

The show director Christina Neustrup told EW that, “in times of quick changes and decisions that require us to be super agile, we will in February once again have the opportunity to give our customers an interesting and safe platform to meet their customers - while giving regional and international buyers the opportunity to meet the exhibitors face to face and place their order in an inspiring and efficient environment. That is what we as a trade fair must deliver. February will again be characterised by ‘abnormal’ conditions and we are just happy and grateful that it seems that we are allowed to carry out the fair”.

“The fairs and fashion week provide a unique opportunity to showcase and we must remember to seize it,” Neustrup added. “It is in our DNA to be inclusive and collaborative - adapt to changes and deliver the platform needed to build a future that is bright, dynamic, interesting and better than before. The most important thing is that we have a high level of ambition and deliver experiences beyond the ordinary to our visitors.” 

Neustrup expects 500 brands to exhibit at CIFF which, she said would be more compact and functional, “but still with the same ambitious programming and event schedule”.

CIFF is the biggest trade fair for fashion in Northern Europe and is now in its 58th season since launching in 1993.