Bella Center Copenhagen launches groundbreaking reporting Initiative to promote climate transparency and informed event planning

Presenting Bella Center Copenhagen’s new reporting initiative and emphasising their purpose of sharing the climate impact of large events with clients for mutual transparency and a tool to make informed decisions on how and where to drive emissions down going forward.

CMW journeyed to Copenhagen to delve into the realm of sustainability and climate change with Gemma Strutt, director of congress and large events sales, and Frida Ulrik-Petersen, director of sustainability and head of responsible hospitality, both from the Bella Center Copenhagen.

At the forefront of our discussion was the release of Bella Center Copenhagen's new event climate impact report initiative, a pioneering project in the industry. Frida elaborated on the report's significance, emphasizing its role in offering transparency to clients regarding their event's carbon footprint. By meticulously mapping emissions associated with heating, electricity, waste generation, transportation and procurement, the report provides clients with a comprehensive understanding of their event's environmental impact.

Frida Ulrik-Peterson
Frida Ulrik-Peterson
Bella Strutt

While the report is tailored for large-scale events held in Bella Center's halls, it stands as a testament to the venue's commitment to sustainability. Gemma clarified that offering the report free of charge as a standard component isn't just about supporting clients but also about benchmarking and improving Bella Center Copenhagen's own practices. Utilising a climate reporting system, which aligns with the reporting principles of the greenhouse gas protocol, the venue ensures accuracy and reliability in the data collected.

However, the journey towards sustainability doesn't end with reporting. Frida highlighted Bella Center Copenhagen's broader mission to achieve net zero emissions. By mapping historical emissions and collaborating with stakeholders, including destination partner Wonderful Copenhagen, the venue aims to align with city-wide sustainability initiatives.

What sets Bella Center Copenhagen apart is its holistic approach to sustainability ingrained in all operations. From mindful menu creation to energy-efficient practices, sustainability is woven into the fabric of the organisation. Moreover, achieving ISO 14001 and ISO 20121 certifications as the first dual hotel and congress venue platform in Denmark underscores Bella Center Copenhagen's commitment to sustainable event practices.

Transparency and communication are cornerstones of Bella Center Copenhagen's sustainability efforts. By engaging in dialogue with clients and stakeholders, the venue fosters trust and collaboration. Gemma stressed the importance of understanding clients' unique sustainability priorities and offering tailored solutions.


Despite being pioneers in sustainability reporting at event level, Gemma acknowledged the challenges in benchmarking against industry standards. While Bella Center Copenhagen hopes to set a precedent, they recognise the need for collective action within the industry.

Looking ahead, Bella Center Copenhagen remains committed to continuous improvement and learning. With dedicated experts like Frida leading the charge, the venue is poised to navigate hurdles and drive meaningful change in the events industry.

As Bella Center Copenhagen blazes a trail in sustainable event practices, they inspire not only their peers but the entire industry to embrace a greener future.