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LA Convention Center donates leftover event items and carpets

The Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) recently collected and donated 14.1 tons of leftover event items, and 12 tons of carpet, to Los Angeles-based non-profit organisations.

The donations are part of LACC’s commitment to zero waste management. LACC is owned by the City of Los Angeles and managed by AEG Facilities.

Organisations including Habitat for Humanity, The Salvation Army L.A. Red Shield Youth & Community Center, St Francis Center and EduCare Foundation have received furniture, art supplies, tote bags, fixtures, water bottles, lanyards, clothing and more. Additionally, the LACC donated 72 four-stream recycling bins to The Salvation Army Red Shield Community Center in Downtown LA to be used to educate students at schools and camps about how to responsibly dispose of waste.

“The Los Angeles Convention Center has been an outstanding partner for our community,” said Irene Lewis, Director, The Salvation Army Red Shield Community Center. “Their dedication has provided impactful services for the children and adults that walk through our doors.”

In addition to donating thousands of hard goods per year, the LACC gives back to the community also through volunteer opportunities. In 2018, more than 25 employees from the LACC and in-house vendor teams participated in a service day at The Salvation Army Red Shield Community Center in the Pico Union district.

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