MCI makes Brazilian acquisition


MCI Brazil, a joint venture between Brazilian Alatur JTB and Switzerland-based MCI Group, has acquired P2Com Group, a full-service company of corporate events and incentive travel management.

Richard Torriani, MCI chief operating officer, Americas (pictured), said: “We are delighted to welcome P2Com to our team which confirms MCI Brazil’s leading position within the corporate market and increases turnover by more than 40m reais”.

In the light of recent developments, MCI Brazil is expected to manage more than 180 corporate events in 2017, achieving a 100% increase compared to 2016.

André Carvalhal, MCI Brazil’s managing director said: “We are putting together important pieces of our business mix, adding to our portfolio the incentive segment, as well as essential business sectors such as the pharmaceutical industry, insurance, fast moving consumer goods, and ‘on demand’ events which fall within P2Com’s area of expertise”.

In the same spirit, Igor Tobias, chief executive officer of P2Com, commented on the synergies of partnering with MCI Brazil; from the expertise in technological solutions for audience engagement, to the extensive Fortune 500 international clientele.

This acquisition reflects on the growth strategy that MCI Brazil has been following. Over the last four years, the company acquired industry-leading business entities such as JZBrasil, Acqua Consultoria, AB Eventos and Dorier. These acquisitions represent some of the growth of more than 130 per cent over the last two years despite the economic turmoil in the market.

In addition, MCI Brazil has delivered additional value by the implementation of innovative practices in event management and production with the incorporation of new technologies.

When asked about the current event industry’s business potential, both executives agreed that incentive campaigns will play a significant part in the recovery process.

MCI Brazil’s André Carvalhal concluded: “We will continue to invest in technology, agribusiness, sustainability and medicine as these industries show solid and promising growth rates. With P2Com’s contribution, we will keep adding new leads to our portfolio and work even harder to capitalise on our acquisitions’ success by promoting the group’s vision and our company’s culture to our business partners.”