UBM closes Medtec trade shows in the UK, France and Italy


Organiser UBM has announced the immediate closure of its medical device exhibitions and conferences, Medtec, in the UK, France and Italy, in an attempt to grow its main European edition.

The closures follow the cancellation of UBM’s US-based wireless technology show 4G World and its May Design Series trade fair in London.

The organiser claimed, in a written statement, that the latest closures were part of a strategy to boost attendance at the company’s main Medtec Europe event in Stuttgart. The next edition will be held on 12-14 April 2016.

“The Medtec team have been speaking to our customers to understand their recommendations, and in some cases their frustrations, as we all strive to create a growing and successful event in Stuttgart,” the statement said.

“One of the most consistent pieces of feedback we have received is that our domestic events in France, the UK and Italy make it difficult for Medtec Europe to realise its potential in becoming a truly international event.

“Europe is the world’s second most valuable medical device market and we believe that with its location in the heart of Baden Württemberg, and with a major international airport so close to the venue, Medtec Europe has the potential to attract a much larger audience from both within Germany and beyond."

The company reported a 44 per cent increase in visitors to Medtec Europe in 2015 after cancelling Medtec Italy earlier this year.

Medtec Europe 2015 showcased 690 companies from 32 countries and attracted more than 6000 visitors.

“We believe this gives us a strong case for increasing visitor numbers from the UK, Italy and France as well,” the statement said.

However, the company will save its Medtec Ireland edition, stating: “Its boutique-event model and localised audience from the Galway district is still hugely popular with exhibitors and medical device manufacturers alike so will remain part of our portfolio.”