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Event organisers who promote shows by using exhibitors

Netherlands - Event organisers who promote shows by using exhibitors’ own networks and channels will boost attendance at their events, according to a London-based technology provider.

Dutch registration service company N200 claims organisers can pack more visitors into their events by giving exhibitors the option of inviting their business contacts via their own websites, newsletters or emails.

A spokesman for the company, which is launching a new visitor registration system, says that visitors who register via an exhibitor are more inclined to show up, and that by encouraging exhibitors to promote the show using their own networks and channels, organisers can “lower the no-show percentage.”

“Exhibitors are your most important media partners to attract visitors to your event. They have the data and the relationships with the visitors who you would like to attract to your event,” says the spokesman.

N200’s new system provides every exhibitor with a URL to be incorporated into their own website and online communications, keeping track of replies for each referring exhibitor and motivating them by offering prizes and discounts for the highest number of referrals.