US Senate passes budget amendment giving support to event industry

The US Senate has passed a budget amendment which prioritises aid for the events, entertainment, tourism and travel industries.

The amendment will see the creation of a new reserve fund to support these industries.

Specifics of the finances have yet to be announced, and more information will be coming in the future.

It was introduced in the Senate by Senator for Nevada Catherine Cortez Masto, who said: “The coronavirus pandemic has devastated economies and industries in every single state across the country. In Nevada, our hospitality, travel and tourism sectors have been especially hard hit.

“These businesses are economic engines for our communities, employing hundreds of thousands of workers and pumping billions of dollars into our economy each year, but they’re facing incredible challenges right now due to Covid-19.

“This amendment ensures that the Senate will prioritise support for the hospitality industry and its workers, as it crafts legislation to provide Coronavirus relief and recovery to communities across the US.

“Almost half of all job losses since the beginning of the pandemic have come from hospitality, and the situation gets dire every day we don’t act.”