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German organisers power up for 2021 programme with China No.1 target market

German exhibition organisers are planning around 360 foreign tradefairs in 40 countries next year, according to a survey conducted by AUMA – the Association of the German Tradefair Industry – among its members and members of the Special Association for Fairs and Exhibitions (FAMA).

All the exhibitions mentioned are geared to the standards of leading international tradefairs in Germany and are summarised by AUMA under the seal ‘German Tradefair Quality Abroad (GTQ)’.

For 2020, the AUMA statistics note 375 foreign tradefairs were originally registered; due to the corona pandemic, 107 of those tradefairs were rescheduled and 49 were cancelled. 

Going back to AUMA’s 2019 figures, and tradefairs by German exhibition organisers abroad totalled 330, a record high. The number of exhibitors increased by 2.4% in 2019 and visitor numbers exceeded the nine million mark for the second time since 2017.

Among the five events with the highest number of visitors that year were four automotive exhibitions and one tradefair for production automation. With the exception of one automotive exhibition in Korea, the other four best attended shows were all held in China.

As Germany’s most important foreign trade partner, China will remain the most important target market for German organisers in 2021, the AUMA survey found.

Last year, 90 tradefairs were organised in China by German companies. That is a share of 27% of all their foreign tradefairs. Thirteen of the 18 organisers surveyed said they held tradefairs in China in 2019 with the four fairs with the largest number of exhibitors also being held there. 

More detailed information is available at www.auma.de/Messedaten.

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