Do you get it?

Julian Agostini, Mash Media MD, on the power of three little words.

In life, there are three little words I long to hear. It’s a declaration I hear quite often in exhibition circles, and a phrase that can make or break relationships – “they get it”.

These words effectively mean that the person, or company, in question is enlightened as to what you think is the right opinion. To say someone gets it is an endorsement, an accolade, and a credential.

Naturally, there are also those who don’t get it. There are several large suppliers in our industry, for instance, to whom this could apply.

However, I have to say that the exhibition venues we have worked with on our awards ceremonies do get it. In fact, they put so-called specialist venues to shame when it comes to hosting a party. This is certainly the case with the Business Design Centre, Olympia and Excel – the latter, according to the majority of our guests at the recent Exhibition News Awards, helping to make them the best yet.

Other venues just don’t understand what is expected or required.

So, what is ‘it’ and how do you ‘get’ it? Unfortunately, if you have to ask then you clearly don’t get it either, and it would take a road to Damascus-style epithany for you to do so.

You are not alone. Many caterers also don’t get it. For instance, I pay thousands of pounds for a box at West Ham United and the caterers there still struggle to serve me a cold beer of my choice. God knows I’ve popped the question often enough, but they seem unwilling to commit. They just don’t get it.

Leiths, part of the Compass Group, catered our awards at Olympia and Excel, and did a fantastic job. They get it – which is why they get our business.

Involve companies like Compass and Excel at the startof your relationship, allow them to do their best, and they will exceed your expectations.

This industry works best when lasting bonds are formed, and when we have a shared vision of a bright future together. So rather than hopping in and out of bed, it’s important to choose your partners wisely.

Protagonists of another well-known, three-word phrase tell us that if you love somebody, you should set them free – and that’s what happens when you work with people who get it. Having that trust, that faith in their ability to deliver, sets you free – and that is priceless.

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This was first published in the June issue of Exhibition News. Any comments? Email Annie Byrne