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Chicago steps aside to allow US travel's IPW to return to Las Vegas in 2021

The US Travel Association has announced that its annual tradeshow, IPW, will next be held in Las Vegas, 10-14 May, 2021. This year’s IPW had to be cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The previously scheduled 2021 host city, Chicago, agreed to step aside for next year and will instead host the tradeshow in 2025.

US Travel Association President and CEO, Roger Dow, said: “This is incredibly welcome good news amid the serious challenges facing the travel industry, the country and the world.

“Cancelling this year’s IPW was a difficult though clearly necessary call, and our future host cities came together to achieve a win-win outcome for the future of the event.

“As we look to recover from this health emergency and the resulting economic crisis, it is fitting that we will be able to hold IPW in Las Vegas, city that epitomises the economic power of travel and tourism. We are deeply grateful to Chicago, which had one of the most successful IPWs in recent memory as a first-time host in 2014, for their flexibility, generosity and collaborative spirit.”

David Whitaker, President and CEO of Choose Chicago, added: “This important decision was a collaboration between US Travel and Choose Chicago. Having the privilege of hosting IPW in June of 2025 in Chicago will be a tremendous opportunity for us and our partners.

“Equally important, we look forward to travelling to Las Vegas next year to continue our partnership and engagement with the global travel community.”

Other planned host sites (Orlando in 2022, San Antonio in 2023, and Los Angeles in 2024) will remain unchanged.

Due to the change in dates, IPW 2021 will now be held in the newly constructed West Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Centre.

Steve Hill, CEO/President of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, said: “Thank you to the leadership at the US Travel Association for inviting Las Vegas to host its IPW 2021 trade showLike many of our industry colleagues, we are anxious to contribute to the travel and tourism recovery efforts, and know that IPW bringing travel trade decision-makers from across the globe together is an important step in that process.”

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