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African Tourist Board warns against Iran-US conflict

Cuthbert Ncube, the Chairman of the African Tourist Board, has issued a statement in reaction to the escalating conflict between the United States and Iran.

Tensions have reached boiling point following the US killing of Iranian Army General Qasem Soleimani on 3 January.

cnNcube said: “At the African Tourism Board (ATB) we condemn the use of violence perpetrated by either party as violence begets violence, and in most cases, innocent people get caught up on the crossfire.

“We therefore encourage and are pleading for a constructive dialogue between the United States and the Iran presidents Donald Trump and Hassan Rouhani.

“The tension between the U.S. and Iran will affect global peace, and deprive connectivity within the tourism space. Tourism is the livelihood for more than 10% of the global population and specifically, in Africa it is critical income needed by our people.

“If the situation between the two nations is not checked and corrected it will raise mistrust, others will get involved and could spread like a bushfire.

“We therefore condemn in the strongest terms any act of violence. Such violence will most likely lead to retaliation and further escalate into a full-blown war.”

The African Tourist Board is an organisation set up to “attain responsible and sustainable socio-economic development on the African continent through travel and tourism.” It features members in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda and many more countries.

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