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Clarion Energy signs up to the GC Index

Clarion Events’s energy division has signed a new partnership with the GC Index, which provides analysis of team members to understand how they work.

It determines whether a company’s employees are idea focused, task focused and other similar metrics – then gives them one of five different working archetypes. Its aim is to help people understand their goals and working methods to achieve further success.

Sietske Jacobs, Director Initiate!, Clarion Energy said: “We are incredibly proud to be working with The GC Index. Changing the game within the energy industry doesn’t just rely on professionals solving the technical challenges ahead. Pivotal to any transformation is closing the culture gap and creating impactful collaboration.

“By incorporating The GC Index framework into our offer, we can show how everyone can make a positive impact to the energy industry. To advance the energy transition it is vital to dare to think differently. We have no time to waste and we need to look to solve the most pressing challenges we face around the globe, whether that is being more energy efficient, reducing CO2 emissions, providing energy access and fair and equal opportunities for society.

“We need to challenge ourselves and connect on all levels to speed this process up. Connecting the next generation of technology and talent with professionals in the industry is key to this transition and this is exactly why we have launched the Initiate! programme around the globe in 2020.”

Clarion Energy recently rebranded its two shows European Utility Week and POWERGEN with a new name – Enlit.

Nathan Ott, Chief Polisher at The GC Index, added: “We are excited to have Clarion Events on board as a GC Partner. As with all of our GC Partners they are committed to making a positive contribution in their world by empowering individuals, teams and companies to unleash their best impact both individually and collectively.

“It is an exciting time for Clarion Events with the global rebranding of their Energy Industry Programme, ENLIT, and the global expansion of their Initiate! programme dedicated to driving innovation and positive progression of the energy sector.”

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